The Girl with the Armadillo Tattoo; featuring Vero Profumo’s Rubj EdP.

Meanwhile, back at the APJ ranch.

Hey there all you APJ friends,  welcome back to the pleasure dome.

Did you miss us?  I am sure I did a lot of things whilst we were gone, including enjoying not having a deadline to nearly miss every two weeks, but cannot remember what now.   All good things come to an end and I’m back at it, albeit with my very own deadline now.  Portia is running things a little differently,  and it involves me having to be computer literate and learning how to insert pictures into the post all by myself.  I took it for granted that Portia did everything for me, but that vacation is over.  If you find yourself not reading this until Christmas you’ll know I am having issues.  (By the way, is the slightly altered address now, in case you have problems Googling us.)

I got my first tattoo to fill in the “no APJ” boredom.  Have wanted one for ages and I finally got around to it.  No surprise for those who know me, that it is an armadillo.  It is the name and the logo of our bike and cookie business.  I chose to have it on my ankle as the middle of my forehead would have been a bit too in your face, no pun intended.  I would have liked it on my arm,  but thought that might be a little too mid-life crisis.  And I love the way it peaks out of my shoe.  I cannot wait to have another one, which I have planned for the end of the summer.  A crown.  I am the Cookie Queen.


IMG_1974 2IMG_1973IMG_1982 2IMG_1988 2


I wore Vero Perfumo’s über-erotic Ruby EdP to the tattoo studio.

Fragrantica lists the notes as:

Top:  Neroli, passionfruit, mandarin, bergamot  Heart:  Cumin, Basil, African orange flower, tuberose. Base:  Virginia cedar, oak moss, musk

I have been wearing Rubj EdP for more than six years now, and am on my second bottle. As most of you know, I do have the complete Vero Profumo collection, and it is the  Rubj EdP  that makes me feel most sensual.  It felt like the right choice for my tattoo, because if I was gonna pass out or have a meltdown I was damn well gonna do it smelling sexy.  As it happened I enjoyed every second of the needle and if I was younger I would have a sleeve.   Rubj is exquisitely carnal, elegantly unchaste, and definitely not timid.   This is a perfume to wear when you have to wear conservative clothing, because it screams who you really are.  Vero Kern is the Warhol of the perfume world.



“It’s not that I am rebelling.  It’s that I’m just trying to find another way:”  Edie Sedgwick

How do you feel about tattoos?  Want one?  Hate them?  Love them?  Don’t give a crap?

Inked Bussis






















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